2016 Collection: The impressive GLASS DOOR collection is here!

Check out the new MANTION interior door collection!


Put a twist on plain glass, add a dab of colour and pep up your interior!


Printed or neutral, standard or made-to-measure, there's a glass door for every taste!

A complete line of over 400 glass door models combined with top notch sliding systems, all Made in France by MANTION, for reliable, trouble-free travel.


Choose from 4 sliding solutions:


- motorised system
- manual system
- synchronised system
- pocket system


What are you waiting for?

Create your very own door, customise it as if it were a painting and turn it into a unique work of art.

View it online using the door configuration module.

A real-time preview of your room!


Instant quotation!

Printed catalogue available on request.

Download catalogue as PDF